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Alternative Sanctioning

The Alternative Sanctioning Working Group discusses the evolution of Honor System sanctioning.

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Honor & UJC: A Tale of Two Committees

The University's two student-run adjudicatory bodies share common values. Explore the origins of the University Judiciary Committee and its unique contributions to the Community of Trust.

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Lying for Liquor

Eleven days before the state raised the legal drinking age, the Honor Committee repealed its long-standing exclusion of "lying for liquor" cases. But that wasn't the first time the Honor Committee reversed course. Will it be the last?

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Sexual Violence

Students are combating sexual and gender-based harassment and other forms of interpersonal violence at UVA... so why aren't these acts adjudicated by the Honor System?

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Bicentennial Data Analysis

Read the full Bicentennial Report Data Analysis for 100 years of detailed sanctioning information.


Succisa Virescit

An expelled student, now working in student conduct, reflects on the single sanction.

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Informed Retraction

A reported student, returning to Grounds after fulfilling the requirements of an Informed Retraction, reflects on the Community of Trust.