Paint Chips

The Community of Us

As the University of Virginia became less exclusive and more diverse, the Honor System also evolved to welcome students from different backgrounds.

The Corner

The Bad Check Committee

How the Honor Committee once policed students who bounced checks at local merchants - and its new, more inclusive approach to community relations.

UVA 1975 Final Exercises

The Honor Women

50 years since Honor Committee foreboded coeducation, the system now thrives on women’s inclusion.

Homer at Dusk

Implicit Bias, Spotlighting, and Dimming

Spotlighting (higher reporting rates against minority students) and dimming (lower reporting rates against majority students) are likely byproducts of subconscious implicit bias. The effects of these phenomena continue to cause serious harm.


International Students

The University's international scholars bring diverse academic talents to Grounds but are overrepresented in reports received by the Honor System. Explore the disparity and strategies for improvement.

Latinx History in the Making

Latinx Honor

The 2018-2019 academic year has proven to be a monumental year for Latinx leadership and representation on Grounds, including, but not limited to, the first Latinx Student Council President and a Latinx Honor Committee Representative, marking a need to reanalyze the relations of Honor and the Latinx community at UVA.

ALC Logo

We Are Not Invisible

In October, 2018, the Asian Leaders Council released "We Are Not Invisible: A Report on Academic Reform". The proposal highlights the need for hiring faculty of color, diverse course offerings, and the departmentalization of the American Studies programs with clear solutions to accomplish these goals.

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Our University to Shape

In October, 2018, Hispanic/Latinx students at the University of Virginia released "Our University to Shape" in an effort to ensure the University becomes an equitable and inclusive environment for the Hispanic/Latinx community.

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BSA Logo

Towards a Better University

In April, 2015, members of the Black Student Alliance released "Towards a Better University" to encourage - among other goals - a Culture of Truth at the University of Virginia. 

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