History of Reports and Commissions

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-Thomas Jefferson


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1968: Report of the Honor Committee on the Possible Effects of Coeducation on the University of Virginia Honor System


1976: Honor Student Opinion Survey 


1981: The Honor System: Student Opinion at the University of Virginia          

1985*: Report on the Status of Seriousness in the Honor System

1987: Problem of Jurisdiction Between Honor and Judiciary Committees

1988: “The Sanction: Some Thoughts” Status of the Honor Sanction Report


1991: University of Virginia Honor System Study

1991: Sanction Evaluation Task Force Report

1992: Graduate Concerns Team Report

1994: Subcommittee Report on the 1993 Honor System TA Survey

1995*: Report on the Random Sample Survey on the Honor System at the University 

1994: Faculty Grade Option Task Force Report

1994: Internally Generated Cases

1995: Task Force Report on Honor Committee Policies and Procedures

1998: Honor Committee Consulting Project


2000: Honor Audit Commission Report

2002: Envisioning Integrity at the University of Virginia: Invigorating a Community of Trust  

2001: Psychological Principles Relevant to Strengthening the Honor System

2004: Statement of Faculty Perspectives on Honor

2004: An Analysis of Honor Initiations and Convictions, 1998-2003

2006: Report on the Single Sanction University of Virginia 

2006: Faculty Survey on the UVa Honor System

2007: Faculty Survey on the UVa Honor System, Honor Committee Response

2007: Transformation Assessment


Informed Retraction implemented, March 3, 2013 

2014: Attitudes, Perceptions and Practices of Honor 

2015: The State of the Informed Retraction

2015: Multiple Sanctions Report 

2015: Analysis and Summary of Honor Committee Reporting Statistics

2016: Honor Research Fellowship (Faculty Opinion of the Honor System)

2016: Education and Outreach Review

2017: International Students Honor Education and Outreach Overview

2018: Honor Audit Commission Report

2019: Bicentennial Report


*Date unknown, listed time frame is an approximation